Finding Integer Values of the Riemann Zeta Function Using Doubly Periodic Complex Functions

Speaker: K. Hariram

Date: 27th February 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 09:15 pm-10:15 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall I, Department of Mathematics
Abstract: The sin function is an example of a periodic complex function. In this talk, we will explore the space of doubly periodic functions of a complex variable, i.e., the space of all f:ℂ→ ℂ such that f(z) = f(z+ω1) = f(z+ω2) ∀z∈ℂ, for two “real”ly independent periods ω1, ω2 ∈ℂ. Finally, by letting one of these periods go to infinity, we get a method to extract values of the Riemann ζ function.
Prerequisites: Complex Analysis
Area: Functions of One Complex Variable
  1. Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms, by Neal Koblitz.

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