Conformal Densities on Limit Sets


Speaker: Chaitanya Tappu

Date: 1st May 2018
Time: 09:15 pm-10:15 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall I, Department of Mathematics


We will quickly recap the last talk (hyperbolic space, discrete group of hyperbolic motions, limit sets). We will show the construction of measures on the boundary which possess nice ergodicity properties with respect to the action of the group on the boundary. Specifically, if the group is non-elementary or has bounded fundamental domain, then the action is ergodic on the conical limit set.


I will assume familiarity with linear algebra and metric space topology. Attendance in the previous talk on 17 April would help.


Area: Hyperbolic geometry, Ergodic theory
  1. Nicholls, P.J. (1989). The Ergodic Theory of Discrete Groups, volume 143 of the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. Cambridge University Press.

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