Introduction to Mass Transport

Speaker: Raghavendra Tripathi
Date: 28th August 2018
Place: Lecture Hall 1, Department of Mathematics
Theory of Mass Transport deals with optimal transportation and allocation of resources. Theory of mass transport has been a hot topic in mathematics and economics alike. Shaw prize (2018) to Caffareli and Fields Medal (2018) to A. Figalli was announced for their contribution in this area. It’s obvious that it has gained huge popularity in mathematics community.
In this talk I would introduce the idea behind the mass transport and sketch a proof of Kantorovich duality for optimal transport. This talk is intended to present a brief and simple introduction to a rather complicated and huge subject. I will not get into rigorous details of a proof, but rather focus on highlighting the connections of mass transport with other subjects and I will try to highlight the tools and tricks frequently used in mass transportation.
1. Undergraduate level mathematics
2. A little bit of measure theory would be helpful

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