Algebra in Practice

Speaker: Sruthi Sekar
Date: 23rd October and 30th October, 2018.
Time: 9:15pm-10:15pm
Over the years, techniques from Algebra and Computational Number Theory have played an important role in fields of theoretical computer science like Cryptography, Coding Theory and Computational Complexity Theory. The blend of theory and practice is important and extremely motivated.
In this talk, I would begin by giving a quick glimpse of some common algebraic/number theoretic techniques that are used in building computer algebra systems. Then very specifically, I would move on to an application, which lies in the field of my research, Cryptography.
I will start by introducing the study of Lattices and a specific problem in Lattice that is NP-hard. Lattice based Cryptography is an extremely vibrant field, specifically as they help in building what are known as “post-quantum schemes” (i.e., Crypto-systems that would be safe even if quantum computers come into use!). I aim to give an introduction to Lattices and then describe the RSA encryption scheme, as is, followed by giving an attack to the scheme, that is based on this problem in lattice called the shortest vector problem (SVP).
**This would be a two part talk and is meant to be accessible to a general audience.
Pre-requisites: Basic linear algebra, elementary probability theory.

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